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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 22, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow night with our exclusive guest cory booker. good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," high emotion. a hero teacher may have saved the day and paid the ultimate price when a student arrived at school with a gun. and then fear factor, a female suicide bomber in russia kills five aboard a bus and races security concerns with the olympics months away. plus a worldwide search for the real relatives of this little girl. a break through in the battle against baldness. >> and then kim kardashian and
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kanye west walking down the aisle? >>. the scene unfolded at sparks middle school before classes started on monday when a 12-year-old boy opened fire. here are the 911 calls. >> this is a student from sparks middle school. can you please send police officer officers. this is's a kid with the gun. >> there's an armed gunman at the parks middle school. >> a student shot a teacher? >> the teacher is down? >> yes. >> that teacher was 45-year-old marine, mike hrapbz bury. he put himself between the gunman and several students and just celebrated his wedding anniversary on friday. the shooter turned the gun on himself, and parents who rushed to the school were understandably shaken.
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>> i didn't know what to do. i didn't know what to think. i was just happy to have my son back with me. >> i was in a panic until we got here and we had to wait a long time to be able to see or know if she was okay, and when i found out she was okay -- she's my life, you know. >> the school will remain closed the rest of the week as officials try to piece together why and how it happened. and then promises so big promising an overhaul from the president. tracie potts joins us live from washington. a lot of folks asking what is the next step on this? >> the next step is to fix it but the problem is the white house is there is no timeline on that, and they are bringing in a lot of people on that to help but don't know how long it's going to take. despite a slew of tech experts working 24/7, the website to
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sign up for health insurance is still jammed. >> a lot of people are calling well we have tried this and keep getting error messages, what do we do? >> and president obama promises a fix and the white house has no idea when. a spokesman hinted the government may be flexible but would not say for sure if people who cannot sign up will still be penalized. >> the law is clear if you do not have access to affordable health insurance then you will not be asked to pay a penalty because you have not purchased the insurance. >> time is of the essence. >> texas republican ted cruz joked about the problems last night. >> you know those nigerian scammers, they have been a lot less active lately, because they
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have all been hired to run the obama care websites. >> now there is word the woman in charge of that website, kathleen sebelius, will testify before congress next week. now that's a change and a quick one, too, because 24 hours ago she was taking quit a bit of heat from capitol hill because she could not testify about the problems and how they are trying to fix it and couldn't come this week because she had a scheduling conflict and now scheduled for next week. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. we have new data out this morning is that not good for news for members of congress. those fights over the budget and debt ceiling are not sitting well with the public. in a cnn research poll, republicans and congress do not deserve re-election, and half say the same for democrats.
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and meanwhile, a usa today princeton research poll say voters of congress would work better if every member was replaced. 36% say both parties share blame and 19% say it's the democrats fault. france is demanding an explanation over a report it calls shocking, and a phone call from obama to the french president, and the president acknowledges the incident raises questions, and in paris, secretary of state john kerry saying protecting our citizens is challenging. >> it's an every day 24/7 365 task unfortunately because there
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are lots of people out there seeking to do harm to other people. >> it is a small town rape case spurring outrage online. the suspect gave the girl alcohol and then assaulted her at his home when she was drunk last year, and now a special prosecutor is set to investigate the rape. the accused says the sex was consensu consensual. and scientists at columbus university may have good news for people with receding hair lines. the tests have been positive. 5 of 7 cases showed new hair growth on the skin of the backs of the a mouse.
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for now the research is in its early stages, and it could take years before the folicly challenged among us could be treated. vikings and giants, that's next. and the new york giants calling in a newly retired yankee to do the coin toss for last night's game and he wore a number 10 eli manning jersey. and then moments later, new york bull doses into the end zone for a touchdown. that happens right here. the giants get their first win of the season, 23-7 over minnesota, better than their worst ever 0-9 start. and then a man wearing a jets jersey punches a woman wearing a
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patriots jersey in the face. no charges have been filed. adams, the owner of the tennessee titans died at the age of 90. he was the founder of the houston oilers. and then returning to a practice field. the players were upset about poor conditions in their training facility and travel arrangements. jim leland has decided to retire as the tigers' manager. the cincinnati reds will name their pitching coach as their new manager today, and he will become the 61st manager in reds' history. and then a new high gloss vin issued bat this year, and each boston and st. louis player
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gets a commemorative bat to boot. and lumberjacks balanced upside down on a floating log. one expect was able to keep his feet on a log while blindfolded. never seen that in the u.s., but interesting what they did there. and then a race for firefighters. the fires destroyed over 200 homes since last thursday. and in china, you can't see anything, including your nose. smog so dense it has forced area schools and airports to close. the post harvest burning of corn leaves and stocks and the bill kari karins, we had seen that before. stay inside. >> we have been lucky in our country. mexico is dealing with a big hurricane off the coast, and the
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wildfires in australia is insane, and the weather pattern remains quiet. and in some cases, some snowflakes and sue falls it's 33 degrees. and you saw the snow last night, and too warm for snow in iowa and temperatures are as advertised, very chilly. windchill right now is 26 in chicago. so from the great lakes to the ohio valley, bundle the kids and yourself up as you head out. the rest of the country is looking nice, not looking at too many issues out there. and then the north great lakes has the cold front to the east. and we'll see one more decent day in the atlantic east. >> thank you, bill karins. apple has a big announcement today. plus, the mystery school. 5 years old, blond hair and blue eyes and sticks out like a sore
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thumb among those around her. first look back in three. ♪
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we know what it means to serve.
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some other stories making news. public transit is san francisco should be running today. kraoupben leaders reached a tentative agreement overnight. the u.s. has provided the united nations with ten armored chevy suburbans worth $1.5 million to aid in the destruction of chemical weapons. and then the four boy scouts of merry leased a statement that said the men violated the principle of leave no trace are and no longer members. and then the blast raising fears of further attacks during the upcoming olympics. 10,000 clues so far but the mystery still unsolved.
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the young girl continues to baffle investigators. they have gone public with the photos. and then police released video of a man dressed as a ghost running up and down the aisles of a closed alabama liquor store. nothing was stolen by the burglar that disappeared into the night. kim kardashian got the gift of a lifetime last night. kanye west rented out the stadium and then popped the question in front of family and friends. crist christi's decision not to challenge same-sex marriage. apple expected to unveil new ipads, and an 8-inch screen.
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a new survey finds that that three quarters of us will cut back on spending and more people are feeling less secure in their jobs reaching the highest level in two years. two of the three women held captive in a cleveland home signed a book deal. amanda bury and gina dejesus will work on the tell-all. according to usa today the soaring stock market sent ceo pay through the roof by an average of 8.5%. tea party senator ted cruz is headed to iowa and chris christi just moved to the center. your first look at political buzz, next. me. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies.
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here is your first look at this morning's dish of scam bulled politics. not that he needs them, but calling in the big guns. hillary clinton brought in more than $1 million for the mayoral candidate. and he has a 44-point lead over lhota. and iowa is not rolling out the red carpet for senator cruz. one says his fellow republican is one of 100 senators and wants to here from all viewpoints. cruz is scheduled to headline
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the state dinner. and then the super pack will drop more than 1 million on mccalla. the ap quickly retracted the story. arkansas congressman calling it quits after two terms. the 45-year-old republican says he will retire at the end of the term and it's an unexpected announcement that could present democrats with a seat in the deep south. chris christie abandoned his suit against same-sex marriages. boris, good morning to you. surprising he made this choice not to challenge the decision? >> not at all. he read the tea leaves, and it's
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not the right way to go for him right now, and even as governor and looking forward to 2016, the right way to go is to concentrate on business and the economy and not social issues. >> this cuts both ways. conservatives will say you didn't fight long ago and the moderates will say this is good. >> even conservatives will recognize that. the decision already came down. >> was he waiting for an opening on this, and he said this is an opening i can step away from the issue? >> most likely, yes. he read the opportunity as it was. right now, his biggest issues cannot be social ones going to 2016. he is going to be that candidate that represents the business side of the republican spectrum, which is the biggest part of republicans that this couldn't be concentrated on. >> if we are looking at chris christi right now, 75% of the voters believe republicans in congress do not deserve re-election. when you look at chris christi has a moderate, can he be a
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moderating force so early on before the presidential cycle that we are looking at in 2016. >> of course republicans are going to be unpopular right now, and my predictions is those numbers will change. and as far as christie goes, mccain and romney, both moderates. >> you are saying the numbers will be gotten for 2014, and you are just about to get into the 114th cycle come january? >> these numbers are not going to be close to where they are now. americans have a very short memory on these things. >> those that do have long institutional memories are businesses and i have been reading headlines as they are concerned about moderates, will that change the funding flow so important to the elections? >> no, because when you are
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picking the worst of two evils you are you going -- >> those are arguing now democrats are more business friendly. >> i would not agree with that. we are talking about how one dad deals with temper tantrums. 90% of the pumpkins are grown within 90 miles of this city? we have that answer for you when "first look" returns. so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®. ♪
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before the break we asked 90% of pumpkins sold in the u.s.
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are grown within 90 miles of this city? bill? >> it's the university of illinois, so i will go with peoria. >> smart guy. it's peoria. it's a nearby town called morton. more than 85% here of the world's pumpkin is canned there each year. but they don't have the biggest pumpkins, my friend. the biggest pumpkins are often coming out of california. that study coming from california -- that's me, yeah. >> thank you, mr. california. >> we have first buzz going on. >> you have heard of little cigars. they say it's a new problem, almost epidemic with teenagers, the regulation and taxes on cigarettes are difficult so now the teens are turning to little cigars, and the way they are
5:28 am
market marketed, and they come indifferei indifferent players, too. >> they are cheaper than cigarettes. there's taxes and regulations, and 4 out of 10 teens that smoke now smoke these because they have a filter like a cigarette. >> talking about kids. there's a 40-year-old father that has a 6-year-old and she is throwing such a tantrum, he starts to emtate her, and he knows her so well he can mimic it to the timing of her rant. take a listen. >> bill, are you that good with your kids? >> who is filming it? is it the mom? if it was a dad doing that on his own, i think the mom may have issues with it.
5:29 am
>> they were both saying she was normally a good kid but having a bad day. funny stuff. stay tuned, "way too early" starts right now. all the democrats have to do to gain like an 80% to 20% advantage in this country, all that stands in their way is a mildly competent implementation of the health care policy they battled so hard to keep. >> the word glitch has been used by the white house. >> that sounds promising. let's hear more. >> health has been riddled with glitch pz that. >> apparently the website has 99 problems but a glitch is all


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